For the finest shooting experience, you require a gun that is faultless, reliable and – for many – tailored to individual preference.

As part of the multi-award-winning Sportarm group, Sportarm West London is renowned for facilitating this for every client. Whether you own a shotgun or rifle, new or second-hand, regularly or rarely used, we guarantee a gunsmithing service characterised by efficiency, accuracy and expert insight.

For over 30 years, every Sportarm repair, alteration and servicing has been carried out to the highest standard. Key to this is our passionate, professional team of gunsmiths and master craftsmen – each boasting an individual specialism. These include: action work, barrel work and stock refinishing, casting, re-stocking and re-chequering, as well as correcting misfire, ejector and trigger pull issues.

This unrivalled collective knowledge ensures swift identification of – and solution to – any visual or functional concerns regarding your gun.

For enhanced convenience, national collection and delivery is also available.

To book or enquire, simply fill in the below form and one of our team will be in touch soonest. Alternatively, please call or email us on or +44 (0)208 845 8849 . Other popular Sportarm West London services include gun fittingstorage, transportation and gun disposal.